express detailing

Express Services

Additional costs will be added for extra work that is performed. Each Service takes About 30 Minutes – Add $10 for SUVs, Trucks and Vans

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Express Wax – Starting at $60

Conditions the vehicle’s finish, removes mild oxidation, provides a protective layer and gives your car a deep wet shine.

Express Interior Clean – Starting at $60

Clean, disinfects and conditions all plastic and vinyl surfaces. All cracks and crevices cleaned with compressed air. Gives your interior a fresh clean smell.

Express Carpet Clean – Starting at $60

Refreshes and sanitizes all carpeted areas, dries fast and leaves interior smelling clean fresh.

Express Seat Clean – Starting at $60

Refreshes and sanitizes upholstered seats. Cleans and conditions leather or vinyl seats.

HeadLight Restoration – Starting at $60

Refreshes and cleans both headlights for a buffed and polished shine

Trim Restoration – Starting at $20

Restorative service that cleans and brightens your cars trim

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All 4 Services

$215 for Cars

$230 for SUVs

$245 for Large SUVs and Vans

*Packages do not include a car wash

See What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Last year we signed up both of our cars for the monthly unlimited washes. They do a very good job both inside and outside. Today the prewash (before going through the machines) was the best ever. Lots of attention to bug spots and the undercarriage.

Chuck C

5 star review

Nice car wash. They hand dry outside for you and shine the tires. We bought the unlimited wash package for a monthly fee, with that membership you can actually wash your car more than once a day if you want too.

Sherry H

5 star review

I owned a business and now retired. I always look at any I am dealing with. This is one of the best run business I have had the pleasure to deal with. Smart and friendly people; very efficient; a good experience. I even take my dog “Tuffy.” He knows a treat is coming.

Philip E

5 star review

I had my car washed (did full service) here several days ago and it still looks great! I have to say, this was one of the best car wash experiences I have ever had – all the workers were extremely nice and crazy diligent – they care about there work.

John H

5 star review

Waves Car Wash takes automated car washes to a new level! The staff are very pleasant and help you choice the wash you want. The in-car wash experience is cool and fun. You stay in the car while the wash tube conveyor belt pulls your car through the stages of the wash. Interesting sights and sounds kids (and adults) enjoy. Then the interior clean out is quick, thorough, and done with a smile. In and out in 10 minutes on a busy day. Great experience. Will be back!

Stephen S

5 star review

After about a year of not washing my car, I took my car through just the tunnel. I couldn’t believe how clean it came out – it looked like a new car. I’ve been back quite a few times since then and each time I am more than pleased with how my car looks. I get the Big Kahuna each time and it absolutely worth…and they apply Rain X – one of the only products in this world that I fully endorse! The owner is a super nice guy and you can tell he cares about his business and his customers. I’ll continue to make it a point to get to Waves Car Wash every time I am down in Lewes.

Rob B

5 star review